The Domain

I have been through many domains since I’ve started designing. Each domain has represented a different part of my personality, but yet, have I found a domain that fits all of them. Finding a domain name, is hard because you want it to represent you, without ever getting old, and I think therefore lies a challenge in itself.

My first domain, Hate Your Way[ORG], was the first milestone in my web designing career. It sparked my interested and kept me going throughout five long years on the internet. About half of its life however was lived on hiatus due to my laziness to actually work on the site. When I came back however, I have a bunch of visitor content that kept visitors coming back for more, and I strave to create another website that meets those needs.

HYW allowed me to blog about my everday life as I was growing up. I faced in the beginning immaturity, and eventually maturity (I like to think), which helped me decide it was like to make a new domain.

Immortal-Tears, was really nothing to be proud of, it was before my graphics skills had reached what they should of been. I do not like to display that I used to own this domain, however, it has made me better.

Shinku[NET] was a forum create, and in the end was very popular. The problem with this was, my old hosting company was down half of the time, and therefor it was hard to maintain this forum, and we had problems renewing the domain. I actually hope to bring this forum back to life and in the hopes it will remain as popular as it was back then.

Soul-Echo, was my personal site and kept private from a lot of people, however, in the end I decided to trade the domain for another because people whom I did not want to see, ended up finding it.

Senshi-Hangout, I was making as a Sailor Moon site, because that’s what it once was. However, again, I did not have the time nor patience to deal with it, and I let it expire.

Childish-Desires, was made after Immortal Tears shut up in the hopes of reinventing myself, which was down more than it was up (because of the hosting company).

Now, this brings me to Mayoke. You may ask what it means, and I shall tell you, in a minute. First, let me explain to you, why this website/domain came to be, and why it’s my second longest running domain I’ve ever had. I created this website because I felt even after all these domains (and still owning hate your way), it was time to move on, try something new, and to mature in a way I haven’t been able too. I’ve always been worried that some family member will stumble upon this site, but I can’t be afraid if I am to really be who I was meant to be.

This website represents everything about myself, because there are so many different things, the meaning behind this website means just that. It represents anything and everything, not necessarily one specific thing.

So I shall now tell you what my domain, mayoke, means. It means a charm or talisman, and why you ask did I name it such that? A charm or talisman does not have to be just that, a talisman can be anything or anyone that can mean anything. That it why I chose Mayoke, because everyday I change just a little, and I don’t want to change domain names every time I change.

After switching and having this domain, I still felt like something was missing, but when I had gone back to re-purchase, it was taken at the time, and I patiently waited until I was able to register again in August 2011. It was originally registered in February 2003, expired in February 2006, and was registered again, August 2011, making it my longest running domain ever.

Take a look around and don’t forget to visit the visitors section for some goodies to download!